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Cheery Red Strat Rosewood Neck
9 22%
Black Strat Maple Neck
32 78%
Voters: 41.
This may be pointless but this will sure help me with my two troublesome choices I've come down to.

One is mexican one is american, but it doesnt matter which one (due to bias decisions :P), and either can be modified to sound relatively the same. Just base it on the style/color.

You saw these two in a shop, which one would you walk out with? It cant be neither nor can it be any other color/style! :P



PS If i end up getting the black one I'll prob chuck in a black pickguard with white accessories (David Gilmour inspiration) like this:

But thats IF i buy the black one, so some opinions please guys!
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I like red better than blue, but I prefer a maple fretboard to a rosewood. So pretty much a tie for me

EDIT: If you're swapping the pickguard, definitely the black one!
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neither. the one i did already walk out with- blue Dlx Plyrs Strat. much better
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I'd take the Red one. Black is just so boring.....

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I like them both, so I'd see which one sounds better and plays better [even if both are MIA]
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black obviously. The black PG will make it look way better. I always wanted to do on my old black strat that is long gone a chrome pg with black knobs and black pickup covers.
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Black strat, rosewood board, tortoise shell pickguard

Really, I mean do you prefer rosewood or maple?

Honestly, neither if I had that choice, becaue everyone has a black or red Strat. Why not go for blue or yellow?
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red and maple....
if no red and maple available, black and maple wins over rosewood anytime.
Depends. If the red is the shade on the Sultan Of Swing's stratocaster, then I'd say the first one. If it's the annoying metallic re that strat copy sitting in my room and a lot of MIM's are, black.

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Voted for the black. Also, if you're going to swap the pickguard, make the pup covers & knobs cream colored. Looks cooler.
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I think it should come down to what fretboard you prefer. I love the look of maple but I'm not a huge fan of the way it plays so I went with rosewood for my strat. Feel and sound > aesthetics.
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I prefer maple fretboards, but I can't freaking stand black strats. There are just so many out there. Been scouting craigslist for a while, and at least 3/5 strat style guitars I see are black with white pickguard. I don't think I could even look at Eric Clapton without throwing up now. You're not buying new, though, are you? Fender kind of just decided that their whole product line needed to sell for twice as much this year, so used Fenders are the only way to go right now.