Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:
-Dimarzio pickups that I just took out of my RG to sell separately. Bought three or four years ago and used in my guitar since. The two humbuckers come with a couple mounting screws each.
-mounting screws, original box and instruction booklet
-ebay - repoman89 (79+ at 100%)
-heatware - http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=46578 (feedback for online forum sales)
-$40 shipped for the PAF Pro or Super Distortion, $75 shipped for both
-$30 shipped for Blue Velvet single coil, $100 shipped for the whole set

All great sounding pickups, but I'm selling the guitar, and upgraded pickups didn't seem to add anything to the value. So it all gets sold separately. Thanks!
Gah, so temping, the exact pup set I want, only got $40, ill see If I can get some money. They are F-spaced right?