This is my first post on the forum, I'm here to represent my band called Aftermath. We are very new (only been playing together for about 2 months). We currently have 4 members. Myself as Rhythm guitar, Jarred as Lead Guitar, Kodi Barret as Drummer, and Jacob Dill as bassist.

This is our first original we wrote. It is relatively simple but has great vibe in our opinion. I'm not the most advanced guitarist as I've only been playing for 2 years now so I can't throw down amazing solos or nasty riffs yet.

Anyways the song is still new and the ending is in progress. We want something a little bit different but cannot come up with anything. Also we find the song rather repedative, you guys agree?

What do you think? Any suggestions?
Hero Come Home.zip
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Vocals would make the repetitiveness barely noticeable.

Also, drums would make it sound much better as it gives it an all around better dynamic feel.

Easy song.

Common chord progression.

Good punk-pop style...


were you guys aiming for that kinda sound?


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Thanks for the fast crit!

Seeing as we do not have a singer in our band ATM we are finding it VERY hard to come up with good lyrics and add vocals to the song.

Yeah we were going for a really punk/pop sound we wanted it to be fast and upbeat but with mellow parts.

Honestly I have no idea how to add drums to the song using GP5. I have ZERO talent on the drums and don't know how to tab them in. I agree it needs it and when we play it in real life there are drums obviously but they are not incorporated into the tab yet.
For a new band, and for someone only been playing 2 years it's pretty damn good.

It won't win any awards for being super creative, since it a very common chord progression played in a very common way. But -- and this really depends on how good your vocals are -- it will be a fun pop rock song that the vast majority of (non musician) listeners will enjoy and remember.
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Heres a drum riff that would sound cool

lol I didn't see your post until after I had posted mine.

Here's a bit of my noobishness shining through. I honestly don't know how to incorporate that into the tab...
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Honestly I have no idea how to add drums to the song using GP5. I have ZERO talent on the drums and don't know how to tab them in. I agree it needs it and when we play it in real life there are drums obviously but they are not incorporated into the tab yet.

Just for a starting place with drums. Use the kick (35 or 36) on beat one, the snare (38 or 40) on beat three, and the high hat on each beat, or both the beat and the half beat (that's 42, 44 or 46 depending on what you want it doing)

That right there is your standard beat and you can use that over nearly any rock/pop song that exists.
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So something like this?

really basic like you said...


You might have gone a little overboard with the kick drum though. I would take it off beat 3 and also take it off the and of 1 on odd numbered bars.

Also, if you're going for 8th note hi-hat try 44 or 42, and then use 46 for the more spread out stuff, or stuff that you want to have higher impact.

Still you did a good job, especially with the little changes in rhythm.
Ok, So using your advice I am very pleased with the addition of the drums. Now all that is left for us to feel the song be completed would be singing.
i know what momentosis means by pop punk. But there were some country feeling parts that i hated. Add drums!
That little picky thingy we added was due to our original attempt to write lyrics "You went off to be our hero, hero where'd you go?" with that melody. We tried it in the song and thought it fit.

If not, any other suggestions?
Hey guys im Jacob Dill the Bassist for the group i just wanted to say thanks for all of the good reply's on the song wait till you hear our new ones coming along more of a rock kind of sound. I am also soon to be a MARINE for the United States only one more month untill i swear in. Semper Fi.
If you were going for a Sum-41/Blink 182/etc. pop-punk, you nailed it. It is on the repetitive side, but it sounds like you're writing a song with a singer in mind, so it would work for a live/studio setting.

7.5/10-nothing spectacular on the guitar side, but as a whole, the song really works.
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i took your track, removed your drums and added my own
hope you like it
hero come home2.gp5

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I'd say it has a definite Blink-182 feel to it; I like it.
By the way, 42 is what you should probably use for the hi-hat; 44 is for when you step on the pedal quickly to make the hi-hats hit together. Also, if you want to be able to do a bit more by yourself on drums, click on your drum track so it's selected, then go to the "view" menu on the top, and select percussion to get a full list of all the stuff you can use.

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