so far i've been playing basic minor pentanonic stuff, then adding 6ths, b5s, or 9ths here and there, but i feel its getting somewhat repetitive. and same goes over major chords, i just tend to arpeggiate them. i have a fair knowledge regarding theory, it just seems i can't apply it to my lead playing.

any tips will be very much aprreciated. thanks in advance!
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Well, is there any particular style/guitarist you like?

hmm nice question man. i wanted to be as versatile as possible but i'll list my top preferences. i would say a mix of PG, Vai, the blues, hard rock, and jazz/progressive. i hope im not confusing you though, hehe. thanks again!
I suggest thinking of an idea like, trill two low notes such as umm... A and C and then slide up to a high note like E and bend up and vibrado and then bring it down to D (lower than an octave) and then bend back to the E above that.

I can't really translate what I think in my head when I write music but when writing this post I thought of that.

For those who'd like to know what that sounded like


EDIT: Also, forget about the theory, I made that up by humming and humming is a useful tool, don't be embarresed to hum the tune and then think about the actual notes later.
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