Amazing! I thought that was absolutely wonderful. The only problem I found is that it's hard to hear the vocals over the electric guitar in some spots, but other than that everything was perfect. I like the solo too, it really makes the song heavier and darker sounding (although it was already pretty dark in the first place).

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Would sound epic on an acoustic I think. MIDI kinda kills the atmosphere and feel of the song.

The electric guitar was definately too high in the mix but I liked your tone, nice dark sound and crunchy rhythm. The vocals were very good, I'd turn them up more in the mix personally. Nice phrasing in your solo also.
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Pretty good man! You've got a good voice, definitely different than Cohen's haha, though you seem to have a bit of trouble with the highest notes. The midi instruments are a bit of a distraction but you can't do much about that. The distorted guitar was a nice touch for sure. When you start to solo over the rhythm something feels a bit wonky in the rhythm, but the solo is great, nearly flawless. Your vox don't come in quite loud enough right after the solo and there is a weird popping sound every now and then. Other than that, this is pretty solid man! Crit me?

I love this song and your cover is great
Lemme say these things tho:
-a bit of mic clipping at some particularly high notes, easily fixed by another run thru and just back off the mic a little when you go for those notes
-i think the electric volume swell stuff could be quieter. I feel like that would be best as a very subtle accent

those are nit-picking though haha awesome cover, enjoyed listening very much

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Wow. Really cool version of this song. It started off sounding just like the Jeff Buckley version then the other instruments came in and you made it pretty damn original. the solo is GREAT stuff- it fits into the song beautifully. Nice voice too. I'm a fan.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1178226
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Very nice interpretation! I love to hear different versions of Hallelujah, and yours didnt disappoint me... Nice progression from the soft start to the fully instrumented climax! Interesting voice as well, though it was a bit saucey in reverb in the beginning
The solo was very good, starting of slowly and then ascending into shred-heaven :P
Pretty good quality for most part, but the drums, strings and especially the bass sounded "too" midi'ish to me, but thats a matter of gear and VSTs, not arranging

Great job overall!