right now i just bought a new american strat and i have a vox ac30. though i love my amp it takes way to much volume to get that sweet natural overdrive sound so im in the market for 1 good pedal or a few i can just make do with. so my first question is overdrive or distortion more important to you guys. i know thats total speculation but i just want some feedback. next question is it better for me to get a bunch of ok pedals or 1 nice pedal and save up for more?
pedals im looking at right now are the fulltone ocd, fulltone fulldrive 2, and the lovepedal overdrive or distortion pedals
thanks for all the help at ug you always have the answers
Get a lovepedal and a BB preamp by exotic effects.

With an AC30 and those two pedals, you can do aboslutely anything you want, from light OD to hell and back. Best sound EVER. especially since its an AC30.
Quote by Ghold125
Get a Weber Mass Attenuator if you want the natural amp overdriver

I thought attenuators were just for stacks?
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the attenuators will work on any amp as far as i know
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