Hey, yesterday I started learning 'The Hunt'... by doing the 21 day challenge! I've broken in up into lots of tiny sections, like specific 'riffs'. Anyways, I've been working on this very, VERY fast riff!


Starting at 0:36 is where tommy plays it... and you can see it's rediculously fast


Anyways, to get to the point... the part played on the A and D string is the problem! The second knuckle on my index is sore, and hurts when I play the parts on the A and D string... so I don't know if it's just that I haven't played this hard, and long for a while... or if my posture is wrong! Should I just work through the pain or would it make things worse?
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You're probably fretting too hard with that finger - which is probably because you're trying to play it too fast too soon. Slow down a bit and make sure you can play it cleanly. Check Freepower's posture vid too (on his profile and in his sig I think).
A bit of soreness is ok, but once it turns into pain i would recommend stopping.