Hey gang — check out my cover of Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul." Please let me know what you think about the whole thing. The vocals were a bit of an experiment, seeing as she's a completely different range than I am, not to mention she sings it different all the time, so I did a bit of her style with a bit of mine. Also, fun fact: she's a much better singer than I am haha.

The drums are me playing my Meinl Trejon (a type of cajon), and this is the first song I've done with it, so that was fun. Crit for crit as always.

It's in my profile!
Never heard the original but it sounded really good. Well recorded, well mixed and good sound.

The vocals sounded really nice, fit the music well, blended like the above poster said and also the playing was very tight.

I can't really compare to the original but it sounds top notch.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Sounds great. Is your bassist playing an acoustic by any chance? It's got a pretty great tone to it.

Anyway, onto the point. Your singing blended really well with the playing. What was that effect you used in the beginning?

Hi, thanks for the compliments. The bass actually is me playing a $250 ibanez bass direct inject and adding a bit of EQ and compression, and that's it! The effect at the very beginning (besides fading in) is actually something called spectral gating with a higher frequency band pass on it plus a microphase to get the sense of motion going. The effect on the cajon is basically a high frequency pass as well.
Thanks for the crit

Do you have any tips for the fuzzing? The mic I have is one I bought at a computer store for 15$ thats supposed to be used for online gaming.
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this sounds really great, your pitch is excellent and the instrumentation is perfect

but i have one suggestion, i think it would sound better in a higher key, you might want to try messing around with different capo positions and see what the effect on your vocals is
That sounded great. At some points the singing sounded a bit on the flat side. Pretty good cover though.