So I am about to purchase my first electric, an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Black(Ebony). I am really into a lot of Slash and bluesy rock but I am also a huge fan of 80's thrash metal and would love to shred tons of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Overkill etc. I have heard this guitar is quite versatile but is it easy to shred on? It's a little heavy so would it make it difficult to blaze through tunes from Kill 'em all and Peace Sells? Would this guitar also be able to get me that classic thrash sound?

Ps. i am considering buying it along with a Line 6 Spider III 30w amp.
It all depends on the skill of the player. I can do some decent fast leads on it, but I suck.

There are plenty of amps that are the same price as the Spider, but heaps better. I speak from experience.
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you are probably going to want a lighter, dual-cutaway for that type of music. LP's arent really for shred metal. you might want to rethink the amp decision also.
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Have you played guitar before (as in acoustic)? If not I wouldn't worry about shredding... You can make a guitar do anything, MOST (not all) of your tone will come from your fingers and your amp (hence why you would be better off going with a Peavey Vypyr than a Spider 3).
Shredding depends on the player not the guitar. Different people tend to have different preferences, but there are no shortcuts to playing quickly and cleanly.
yeah, it'll work for both those things, but be sure to try one out first for yourself.
Ampwise, avoid that spider III.
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I cant believe no one has mentioned the fact that the LP has a fat neck and would be very difficult as a shredder. For shame,
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Yes You can but you may find it hard to Palm Mute on as you are used to a flat Bridge and on a Les Paul it is Raised up.

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Ps. i am considering buying it along with a Line 6 Spider III 30w amp.


Oh, and, yeah, you can shred on it. It might be a tad bit more difficult than an Ibanez paper-thin neck, but it really doesn't matter too much. I say get it! (But don't get the Spider III!!!)
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Doug Aldritch, Buckethead and others show it's possible. You just need the hands to do it.

Also do not buy the Spider.

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If you want an LP shaped shredder, I suggest the ESP EC-401.

Or any EC-400 and above.


I learned how to shred on a Epi Les Paul Custom, so yes, you can. But their are many better options like the EC-401
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