im moving through different styles of music such as metal and classical. right now im working on country. i dont know country or really where to start. so if anyone knows any scales that alot of country uses please reply..thanks
Scales =/= genre.

Study country songs and how they USE scales. Chances are, they're just using major or minor (pentatonic or full scales) with some accidentals. Study country players you enjoy hearing (i.e. learn the songs and analyze what they do that you like) and try to emulate that. Country sound is probably more dependant on the tone of your guitar and the rhythm more than anything else.
thanks for your input. i like the twangy country stuff. like david allan coe, hank williams jr. and brad paisly hes got some pretty cool guitar sound goin on. and example of a song that has some cool little diddy in it is "summertime blues" intro by allan jackson. just for a little example.