Hey UG,
I am in the process of signing up for life insurance, and I have to give blood and urine in a couple days to qualify. Over the phone the guy asked me if I use pot, I said no because I don't. I've maybe smoked like 3 times in my life. It slipped my mind however that I younger brother had convinced me to smoke 2 days ago. So will that show up in my test? If it will I think I'll call the guy back and tell him, but if not, why bother?

So how long does THC stay in your system?
About a month if I remember right.
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It varies from person to person...mattering how much you smoke, how much fat you have, etc etc, so anywhere from a week to a month or longer

If your willing to spend some money however you can always get some detox and that should clean out your system within a day i believe
a month if you smoke like all the time. but if not then a week. You can get it out of your system faster though.
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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Man, just smoke weed every day and use somebody else's urine!
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haha, i actually am not that into it. My brother is a total stoner and he wanted to smoke with me so i was like whatever. Like I said I've only done it a few times and i'm not a fan. Much rather prefer alchyhol and cigs.
Your profile says you are coming up on 23, why sign up for life insurance now?

Also, someone else from the U of M here. Well done.
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Your profile says you are coming up on 23, why sign up for life insurance now?

Also, someone else from the U of M here. Well done.

It was my dad's idea. He said he would take it out, pay it for 3 years, and then I could pay it. He said that in the long term it would be worth a lot. The permium isnt that much so whatever. It may be worth a lot, but it won't be any good to me, I'll be dead. lol
nonono, it won't last a month. he's not a regular user. less than a week i would say.

check out the chart on the first page of the drug thread.

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A month but thats if youve been smoking everyday for a while. Id say a couple days for you. A week tops
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A week, two weeks tops. Probably closer to a week if you've only smoked three times in your life.
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