herro GG&A

ill keep this simple to avoid tl;dr :

basically my dads paying me handsomely to work for him and over the next 5 or 6 weeks (or something like that) me thinks i can earn 1200+, possibly upto 1500 if i sell my flying v. SO its new guitar and amp times:- help me choose


PRS SE custom 24
plays like a dream etc

ah loves my les pauls, more expensive tho

Fender Custom Tele Spalted Maple HH
lovely guitar, expensive tho

Fender Jim Root tele
looks like sex, but does it play like it?

any others like these, similar price range of ~400 to like 650 GBP
dont want another flying v, havent had a tele yet, wouldnt mind another RG style, needs a bridge humbucker prefferably NOT A FR unless the the pverwhelming awesomeness of the rest of the guitar outweights the iritation of it


ok so i havent put as much thought into amps

Bugera 6260

Bugera 6262
same as above but with seperate EQ for each channel

any similar amps for metal/hard rock, preferrably tube as i havent had that yet either :L

any response is appriciated as ill probably waste my moneys on something ill regret later on

please excuse spelling - im tired
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