What is that awesome fuzz tone! I want it! It sounds a bit darker and meatier than other fuzz pedals I've heard. I'm looking for a fuzz pedal that has that richness. It might be the bass fuzz though. Can anyone recommend me a good fuzz pedal that sounds similar to the Dead Weather?
fuzz factory (pretty expensive) or an american big muff probably. you would want something with a lot of dirt and noise in the signal so Id avoid the russian big muff

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Yep, most likely a fuzz factory. Jack white started using those recently,and the guitarists are using mostly jack's gear. Keep in mind whatever pedal and amp are being used, they've been mixed and mastered in the studio and will never sound quite the same even if you buy the same stuff.
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This is straight from the interview with guitarplayer.

What’s your Dead Weather rig, and how does it compare to the White Stripes rig?

The amp is a Fender Twin Reverb—no Silvertone, like in the White Stripes. Effects-wise, I have a Big Muff and a Whammy just like in the White Stripes. Sometimes, I use a POG pedal. I think I was the first person to record with one on the White Stripes song “Blue Orchid.” Electro-Harmonix sent me one as a present when we were recording Get Behind Me Satan. “Blue Orchid” came out two weeks after the session, so it had to be the first song to feature the POG. I use it to add the first and second octaves below, and one octave above the root note. It’s four of the same note simultaneously. It’s just so heavy. The riff is actually pretty simple, but it’s all about the one. It’s a funk-based idea.
I'm also amazed at the tone! That guy has a great sound in the Raconteurs as well. I believe alot of that sound comes from his semi-hollow bass guitar
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