I've got some money coming my way soon from a trust fund and I decided i'd buy something special, my 18th birthday present to myself.

I'm trying to decide between a new amp or a new guitar.

I've been wanting to try out Mesa's new Mark V. But there's also a Tremoverb at Guitar Center that sounds f'n sweet. I usually play Jackson guitars and I think i'm gonna stick with them.

Any recommendations? I'm interested in ENGL, VHT, Mesa Boogie, Jackson, possibly Ibanez or Dean.

I'm looking to spend between $1000-$2500, just something nice that sounds good and I can enjoy for many years to come.
Well you already have a good amp, I say you buy a American made Jackson RR1 or KV2 It'll definitely be worth your while and you wont need a new guitar for...well, ever.
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Judging by the fact that you already own a Mesa Boogie (finally), it would make sense to get the Tremoverb as a contrasting amp.

No point in getting gear for the sake of getting gear. Think about what you really need.

I'll add that unless you plan a radical change in musical direction, few amps can out-do the Rectifier which you own.
I have a Dual Rec already. I still haven't decided yet. I've got a Jackson RR3 Rhoads and a Jackson DKMG. I kinda think it's time for another American guitar since I haven't owned one in a while. But I LOVE that Trem-o-verb.
Jackson Soloist or Parker Fly are worth looking into.
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Save the money? But if you really feel the need to spend it, maybe look into making a decent pedal board or building a rack. Rack delays and reverbs are great.

EDIT: If you really do want an amp or guitar, the ENGL 530 pre is great through an ENGL E840 poweramp for metal. Not sure how much coin that would set you back though. Probably a better idea to go for a clean amp though, and an even better idea to make up your decision your self.
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