You know, I see a lot of people on here asking which guitar is the best, and I see lots of good answers. But then I see lots of answers that does not make sense, such as "That brand sucks", or "It's all in the guitar and amp in order for it to be good or sound good", or "You can only sound good with good equipment", or my personal favorite "Only good equipment will sound good when you play". Well let me share a little REAL TRUE experience that happened to my best friend (Tim) several years back (around June of 1981)....

Tim was out in Hollywood California visiting one of his friends (Jack). Jack wanted to go to a music store one day so he and Tim went They were in the store looking at some new guitars that came in, Jack was talking to the only employee there that day (he and the employee were good friends also and his name was Kevin. Kevin's family owned the store and it was a pretty big fancy music instrument store). Two guys with long hair came in, one with dark hair the other with blond hair. None of them really thought too much about the two guys as they just looked like some guys who may have belonged in a garage band or something. the two guys looked around the store and at the guitars as well..

Jack carried on his conversation about the new guitars with Kevin. The two talked for a while. Jack made a statement to Kevin, "If you want a guitar to sound good, you have to have a good guitar and amp to start with", Kevin agreed. Well my friend Tim didn't believe this (and I don't either) and responded with, "No you don't, any cheap ass guitar can sound good. It is all in how you play it!". Well both Jack and Kevin both got all huffy and started disagreeing with Tim. Jack even told Tim to shut up because he didn't even know how to play a guitar (at that time Tim didn't). None of the three of them realized that the two long haired guys were standing behind them and listening, not until the blond haired guy spoke up and said, "You know he is right. It doesn't matter about the guitar or the amp, it is all in how you play".

Jack and the Kevin just both just laughed at the two guys. Kevin looked at the blond guy and said, "And just who are you? I suppose you don't play either and are just mouthing off?", the blond haired guy looked quizzical at Kevin and Jack as if they should have known who they were, then he responded, "I'm Randall and his name is John, and I play". Jack looked at the dark haired guy and asked if he played, but before he could respond the blond guy spoke up and said, "He just sings what I play".

Kevin looked at the blond guy and said he was wrong, and that it is all in the equipment. The blond guy continued to say that Tim was right and it is not in the equipment. Kevin got a smile on his face and whispered something to Jack, he then responded to the blond guy with, "Why don't you prove it, we'll pick out the equipment, and if you can make it sound good, I'll give you any guitar in the building, free of charge!". Tim said that the blond haired guy just gave them all another strange quizzical look again and said, "You really don't know do you?". Both Kevin, Jack, and Tim, seemed confused at that statement, the blond guy just smiled at them and told them never never mind, the blond guy also said that he does prefer custom built guitars but he would accept the challenge and prove it is not in the equipment.

Kevin walked into the back room and brought out an old cheap electric guitar, and a cheap 10 watt amp with a little distortion. Kevin sat the cheap amp down in front of the blond guy, and gave him a broken pick. Kevin then plugged the amp in, hooked up the guitar, and turned it on (it hissed a little from what Tim said), Kevin tuned it as much as possible. Kevin then handed the cheap guitar to the blond guy. The blond guy just smiled and began to play, he played for about 15 minutes (Tim said it was some really bad ass stuff). When the blond guy was done, Kevin and Jack were both in amazement. They never heard anything that incredible come from cheap equipment.

Kevin stayed true to his words and offered the blond haired guy any guitar in the store free. The blond guy just smiled at the three of them and responded, "I'll take this one, it seemed to do the trick", referring to the cheap guitar he just played. The two guys then turned around and started to walk out of the store when Kevin shouted at them, "Who the hell do you think you are?". Tim said both guys stopped, and said the dark haired one motioned to the blond who handed him something. Tim said the dark haired guy then turned around and came back to the counter. He laid something down and said something that the three of them said they could not understand, then he turned and the two guys walked out of the store.

Tim said Kevin picked up the items that was laid on the counter, it was tickets, concert tickets to an Ozzy Osbourne concert in Long Beach. The three of them never heard of Ozzy Osbourne at that time. The three of them thought the two guys must have worked for a radio station or something and just gave them some cool tickets, even though they still looked like someone from a garage band.

Later that week, Jack, Tim, and Kevin, all went to the concert in Long Beach, after all, it was free tickets. They were all amazed at who they saw on the stage Yes it was the two guys that had came into the store earlier in the week, and they turned out to be none other then Randy Rhodes and Ozzy Osbourne! (Ozzy's first real name is John).

Yes this is a very REAL and TRUE story. The point of this, although good equipment can help, it will not make you sound good and you don't need it to sound good, it is ALL IN HOW YOU PLAY IT (as my buddy Tim, who now teaches guitar, still tells everyone to this day)!