I have a Marshall TSL 602 combo amp that i got from a friend. Overall, its a beast

and i love it. The only problem is that my friend used to gig with it a lot and he

apparently knocked the Gain switch loose on the Crunch Channel and now i cant

adjust the amount of Gain I can use for that channel (its just on full blast gain all the

time). I can push it in about a half a milimeter and it's fine, but seeing as it takes two

hands to play guitar, i cant really hold it in the whole time i'm playing. I've never

repaired an amp like this before but i would be willing to try to fix it myself. Any

advice on how I can go about doing this? And if I can't, does anybody know about

how much it would cost to get it fixed by a tech? Thanks!
Amps can be very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It's a simple fix; a tech will probably need to order the proper part since it's a PCB-mounted pot, but it will be a cheap fix.
If you have no amp experience that's a much safer route. All that needs to be done is 10 minutes to open the chassis and replace & solder the pot, which costs about $5. Easy enough if you know how to do it.
Ok thank you. I didn't know if it was an easy fix or if a music store would charge like $200 and totally rip me off. Thanks again!