I have been playing for almost 7 years and have pretty much built up a good base. Lately I've been getting into more modes and chromatis etc; looks like I'm slightly converting to the more jazzy side of this world from being a metalhead . I've also gotten into Guthrie Govan lately and I really LOVE his style and he is a great idol for me atm. Just searching around I discovered that he have written a couple of books on guitar so I'm considering buying the "Creative Guitar Volume 1: The cutting edge" and maybe the second one.

Do you think that is a good choice at my level? Are these books aimed towards someone with my experience or are they aimed towards rank beginners? I mean, I don't want to spend alot of bucks on 1000 pages of explaining how to do a Barre chord! :p
There is absolutely no way for us to decide what instructional material is best for you. Only YOU can decide that. We can't sit down with you and analyze all your strengths and weaknesses.

Let's just say you pick up Govan's stuff...a few scenarios can play out.

1. You get his material and you're too good for it (hah). Chances are, you'll pick up something you don't know and you'll learn, anyways.

2. You aren't good enough for it and can't keep up. Develop your skills and come back to it later on. You win.

...point in case, if you have the money and you are willing to spend it, get his stuff. It's always good to have a wide reference of instructional material, so long as you can realistically look through it all.
google man. just look to see if anyone posted reviews of the books, most likely they will have. then make your decision
i bought both Guthrie's books, Creative 1 and 2.

Book 1 tells you more on the theory side of the guitar like, how to practice, tones, guitarsettings, bla bla bla....it also has got some warm up exercises and some explanation on chords, scales etc....if you plan to learn the theory side and on how chords, scales and modes works....then, book 1 is a good buy.

Book 2 is more on exercises...alternate picking and stuff....to practice and more on technique, then buy book 2.

oh ya....both books have got backing tracks......if you're into jazz and fusion style playing, i think guthrie is a good role model...the backing tracks in the book are also a bit of a fusion and jazzy mood ( i think ).....

....as for his books, i think you should just get book 2.....there are many other theory books out there.....

Creative Guitar 2 is a very good book.
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