So, im considering buying an 8 gig Ipod Touch. Anyone have one and like it? Ive heard good and bad, so just wondering. Can I really get wireless internet from it? Are there a lot of free apps? Can I buy it under 215? And for some reason, most importantly, can I get some sort of app to slow down my music :P?

Also, is there a service charge or something or a subscription? Or do I just pay once :P.
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I have one and love it.

You can only connect to the internet if there is an available wireless network. For example, if you have a wireless router at your home than you can connect to that while at home. If you need unlimited internet access, get an iphone and pay for the data plan. My whole campus has wireless internet so the ipod touch was a better choice for me.

Yes there are tons of free apps and many apps that aren't free also have free limited versions.

Maybe used, I dunno.

Not sure, you can just use audacity for pc to do that though.
I have one. (using it to post now) you can use a wifi network.
Apps wise, I'd recommend iDaft, a metronome, paper toss game, and guitarists reference 2.8
if ur getting one id recomend getting over 8 gigs though, thats really small and your not gonna be able to carry much on it.
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I was just thinking slowing it down because when I am away from my PC, i could just hook up my ipod and practice some stuff. Meh, its not really VITAL or anything. You dont have to pay monthly or anything do you?
Is the 8 gigs with or without the built in apps? And how big are apps on average? Its not really a huge issue, im pretty used to just deleting music I dont want when I want a new one. About 500 songs at a time should be fine with me.
its like 7 gigs available because of the memory the operating system takes up
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I have a 16GB model, first-gen. I only have three regrets.

1. Buying it is the reason I bought the junk computer I have now instead of the computer I wanted since I lacked the money for it.
2. It doesn't have a camera.
3. My music library has increased to at the very least three times it's size and steeze when I bought this thing, and suffice to say 16GB no longer cuts it.

The apps are excellent to me though. Really make it more of a handheld computer than just an MP3 player, which isn't as stupid as it sounds.

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There are no monthly charges or anything, only if you get the iphone you have to pay for the data plan. That's why you can only connect to wifi with the ipod touch while the iphone can connect to the internet anywhere.

Apps don't take up too much space generally, most aren't even 1 MB. They don't hold as much music as other ipods but personally it just makes me more selective with my music. I have almost 100 GB of music on my computer and I've still gotten by with the 8 gb model. Also there are several purchasable apps that allow you to stream your music and other files from your computer so that you can connect to them if you are connected to a wifi network.