I'm saving up for a new amp, from my Vibro Champ XD. The only thing that comes to mind fore me is a 60w vypyr (499$), but it costs another 200$ for the sanpera but maybe you guys can help me:
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Budget: ~$580 little less, little more.

Needs: tube amp, 30w at least (for gigging and louder then drums)
Bass, treble, gain and master volume knobs. Good cleans, not like acoustic amp cleans, but not so hi gain that it cackles (breaks up?) even on the clean channel.

Wants: (order of importance)
12" speaker (maybe bigger?)
2 channels, footswitchable
EQ knobs
delay/reverb or chorus included
maybe a "Boost Button" to get a little more juice.

thanks guys.

*links appreciated, and my music store doesn't stock Peavey, so I'd have to get it shipped from musicians friend.*

dont know about cleans, but i think bugera's may be worthwhile..
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Bugeras are actually pretty decent amps man for cheap. i have the Bugera 6262 head

id look into the 6260/6262-212 combo or the 333Xl combo if you are looking for a nice tube combo amp. they are 120 watt all tube amps. with reverb, footswitchable. the 333XL is 3 channels)clean,crunch,lead) the 6260/6262 is 2 channels with a crunch switch on the clean channel. the 6260 shares an eq for both channels. the 6262 has sep eqs for each channel.

also another amp to check out would be a B52 At112 or 212. nice Mesa-ish sounding amp.

if you can look used you find maybe a used Peavey 5150/5150 II, Ultra 60/120, ultra plus, VTM, even a Peavey valveking 112 or 212 would do you good. all these amps are plenty loud enough for band situations and gigs with no problems man
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