My first fully recorded guitar cover. Drums were made with addictive drums.

It isn't the full song, its missing stuff at the end, but I arranged it with a interlude thingy to make it sound fine without me having to learn the ending(I got bored learning the song, lol)

Its in my profile.

Edit: Fixed all the guitar/drums sync issues and re-uploaded.
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One of my favorite songs. Nice job on this, especially keeping the double-tracked guitars synced tightly thru those changing rhythms. I also like the contrast in the middle (solo) section between the fast picking and slow bends. (but keep practicing those bends
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Hey just letting you know you should change the snare, some people use the midi note 38, and some people use 40.

I can't remember which is right but the one you have in that drum clip is the rimshot snare, it will sound a lot warmer if you change it.
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my only complaint is that I had to turn it up really loud just to hear the guitar because the backing track was so overpowering in the mix. the playing and tone were really good, just bring yourself up in the levels a bit.
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