over £9000!!!
il go
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Where my friends take piano it's a fair price if you ask me all you have to pay is....YOUR SOUL!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! But to tell you the truth I've got no clue I would imagine that for about 30 minutes it's about 20-30 USD but that's my best guess.
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This pit would struggle to match the IQ of a nursery, it seems.

I had piano lessons for 3 years, it was £15 an hour. With a teacher who had been teaching for 8 year prior. Taught music theory, composition and practice, at a degree level.
My brother gets taught for £10/hr and he's getting pretty amazing after only a few lessons.
It would depend entirely on who was teaching you and what they decided to charge.

Also, I hope you already have access to a piano or you'll be paying for a hell of a lot more than just lessons.
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i have a keyboard , i wont have the full range of the piano but it wont sop me from practicing it anyway

You would really need a piano for proper practice. I started with a keyboard as well but you really need the weight of the keys to get a proper feel for the thing.
I used to pay $50 a month for a lesson once a week. Then I found a better teacher for only $25 a month for once a week (both 30-45 minutes). Depends on the people in the area, I guess.
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i used to take piano lessons for 60$ an hour once a week.
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i used to take piano lessons for 60$ an hour once a week.

did those lessons include sexual favors?

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I pay $16 a half an hour to have lessons at my house, but my teacher usually goes over to about 45-1hr.
I've been going to my teacher for about eight years; she's in her eighties now, so she's been teaching a while. Lessons are $20 an hour, used to be $12 when I was little, getting half hours.
i say a dollar per key.
each key they play, add together, total it up, and that would be their price.
they play on their own clock, so they determine their cost.

sounds pretty good.
Wow, a necro AND an ad.

I applaud your audacity
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