I'm in my second week of playing I'm not fast but I'm smooth at the chromatic scale what should iWork on this week? Also when learning chords should I just try remembering the positions of the chords and names as well or just positions i find it to much to remember the chords and names right now! My skill level is I still can't play the intro to Stairway to Heaven! Sorry if this is a repeat post?
learn the chords AND the names.. even if it takes more time. if you don't now the names how are you going to use them other then fiddling around with it?
Learn the basic chords in the open position.

A, E minor, D, those..

And the basic pentatonic shape.
those will get you started.
Thank you guys very much I will do that! I pick some scales then pick around trying some easy tabs then back to scales then back to a song is this okay or should I really just do one for a while and then the other basically what I'm asking is when you guys play do go back and forth alot between technuiqe and trying to learn a song when you were just starting out!
Well i learned all the basic open chords.

Atleast all the non-bar major, and most of the minors.

After that, i tried out the pentatonic scale, then put them all to use on the first [real] song i learned: Wish you were here.