I would like to know where would be a good place to start looking for a clone of a wah pedal, I would like to build my own pedal (I have already built a fuzz not too long ago). I do not want to buy a kit, I would like to buy the parts on my own, it always seems cheaper that way. Has anybody done a home-built wah before?
I haven't done it, I have seen kits that's look really cool. But yet, I haven't attempted it.
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Find the enclosure somewhere. (Check Ebay) It will be worth it to buy a real enclosure, no point in spending a lot of time on the circuit only to have a crappy box to step on.
You can go to BYOC to get a PCB and then source your own parts from there. I know BYOC has Mouser lists for all the parts of a kit. Or, if you want to go all the way and etch your own PCB or make it on perfboard, then check DIYstompboxes for some schematics.
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smallbearelec.com has crybaby shels for 50 bucks...you can prolly get them cheaper at a local guitar repair shop. They're bound to have a gutted shell or twwo from a dead wah that they could let go of for a small price.

There are a million crybaby schems on the internet.

SBE also sells the components. They'll surely ship to canada. Pretty sure they ship worldwide.

I haven't really done a from-scratch build of a wah, but mine's so modded it might as well be built from scratch. My next wah build will be a very special and unique one, so I gotta keep it a secret.
Snag a broken Crybaby from a music store, pawnshop, or eBay. You can probably get one for about $20 US. You won't be able to make as good of a wah enclosure as that.