Alright, to start off with, I will explain what I have now. It's not that great, but it's nice for now...

1. First Act Garagemaster, default set-up
2. Excel Strat knock-off [Not that great. I dislike this one a lot]

1. Excel starter amp

Effects [In order that my guitar runs to my amp]
1. Dunlop Crybaby Wah
2. Danelectro FAB Metal Distortion

Now, I play mainly thrash metal, metalcore, and sometimes regular rock. I mainly like to play Metallica, BFMV, Nirvana, Led Zepplin, etc.

I want a good clean tone with a high end, and a crunchy low-end distortion sound. My budget is anywhere from $0 ~ $400.
I need, for now, a good amp. What would be recommended?
After that, I would like to buy an echo pedal. And of course, a Digitech Whammy. I love that thing. I played it once, and I would def. buy it. But that won't be until a while. Anyways, any suggestions for a new amp?
id say a peavey vyper in taht range for what you want to play.

edit: do you play at home or are you in bands that gig/ jam. with your current amp im assuming home playing?
Quote by Lord_Hondros
I want a good clean tone with a high end, and a crunchy low-end distortion sound.

This would probably come more from the guitar's pickups, a.k.a. you should probably get a better guitar.

Anyway, I think the Peavey Vypyr looks like a good choice, as previously stated. If you don't need a lot of power in that thing, you could get a Blackstar:

Yeah, I play at home.
I actually like my first act. I usually don't like them, but this Garagemaster has enough tone to rival that of a Gibson SG. However, I am going to get EMG 61/65 in it. But, thanks for ideas of amps. That peavy vypyr is awesome. I'm probably going to get the 75. THen, I'm going to save up for the footswitch...