Ive had a crappy $40 strat copy for a while and I never play it so I'm gonna mod it. I'm going to color the whole thing transparent blue, where would be the best place to buy the finishing stuff for cheap?
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Cheap ROFLMFAO! You anit gonna do cheap with trans blue and do it right! But Stewmac.com is a good place to start. They have alot of free info there also! Peace, Shawn
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a wonderful place called HARDWARE STORES!!!! oh and there is a new thing called the SPRAY PAINT, it is a colored liquid that when you press down on the button it comes out and paints the guitar. CHECK THE ULTIMATE PAINTING/ REFINISHING THREAD ITS THE SECOND ONE FROM THE TOP. it has everything you need and google it an alternative!
ok no one has anything to add to that? but Stewmac, lmii, and reranch all have good products.and if this is your first refinish job i suggest doing a solid color and using auto paint or just regular spray. project guitar.com is a very useful website.