alright, so i have a peavey classic 30, and i've been using a boss fs-6 dual footswitch which, up until today, was working perfectly. The left switch should control channel and the right should control reverb. but today when i turned it on, the left did nothing and the right controlled reverb and boost, which i don't want. i've tried switching the battery, switching the polarity, but nothings working and its really starting to piss me off. Help is appreciated
is it under warranty
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try cleaning the footswitch input on the amp?

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Hey sorry for hijacking, but I really need your opinion on the Peavey Classic 30. Is it good for a classic rock, vintage tone? And how does it take pedals?
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i think its under warranty, but it doesnt seem like its broken. @Royal Brick, its an awesome amp, excellent tone, great with pedals, and the classic rock tone is one of the main reasons i use it. It sounds great with a tubescreamer
have you checked to see if anything's shorting out?
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have you checked to see if anything's shorting out?

how do i check?