I'm still fairly new to guitar (10 months) but i decided i wanted a challenge so started learning the trooper. I learnt the intro riff fine, and the main riff, all up to speed. But now I'm on the galloping in the verse, and i've hit a wall.

I've been practising with a metronome, starting really really slow, making sure everything is perfect, and then going 1 BPM faster. But when i get to around 135 BPM (the song is 163 full speed), my wrist starts hurting , and i start to play really sloppily so i have to stop. Then i go back to play at the same speed again 10 mins later, and i have to start from a lower BPM, otherwise its sloppy. Then when i get up to around this speed again i get the same pains, have to stop etc. etc. This has been going on for around 4 days now, and is frustrating me a lot, as i want to be able to play this, and feel like its within my abilities.

So, i was wondering, is this something wrong with my wrist? Or is it just developing more stamina (which is what it feels like to me)? Should i man up and try to play through it? Help please?
I had trouble with this song when I first started too. I think its just the stamina needed for the galloping rhythm. When your wrist hurts, is it like a cramp? Like in your legs you get from running too much?
I haven't used a metronome, ever, the ticking really annoys me, and I can play the galloping part at full speed.

If your wrist hurts, stop playing that for awhile (fewdays), then try again, and if you can increase your stamina that will help greatly

Hope some of that helps.
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Yeah, that's pretty much what it feels like. Does this mean i should just keep playing if i can, and i'll be able to play it in due course?
It takes practice, but yeah
Just remember to rest frequently so that you dont damage your wrist.
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practice downpicking....just downpick for a minute straight as fast as you can...do this everyday and you will build up stamina quickly and be able to do that galloping no problem
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I wouldn't play through the pain as that can damage your wrist but I wouldn't take breaks of a few days as said above. Practice til it hurts, take a break and play something easier/different and come back to it when you feel you can. You'll get there
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Fap more...

Won't help. I play guitar right handed, fap left handed. Tis weird...

And thanks for the help everyone. I'll get there in the eventually. I hope.
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If your wrist starts hurting it probably means you are tensing up. You should be relaxed when you're playing. Slow down a bit, and instead of playing it til it is perfect and speeding up, play it until it is comfortably perfect before you speed up.