...on my Epiphone LP Standard.


The bridge saddle screws rattle like hell, as they are loose in the sockets. There is no issue with bridge height or string buzz, and I have intonated it properly. I've loosened the screws (towards the neck) all the way, and tightened them from there. This has worked well to stabilise the 3rd to 6th string bridge saddle screws. However, I couldn't tighten the 1st and 2nd saddle screws enough to stop them rattling before they were properly intonated; i.e. in tightening them further, I would mess up the intonation. THAT'S what's wrong.

In addition, I really do not like the idea of the retainer wire to hold the saddles in place at all. Seems like a flimsy and crappy design to me. Any recommendations on what to look into?
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set it up right?
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Ive left the retainer wire off mine and it didnt rattle. The gotoh TOM doesnt have the retainer wire.
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If your getting string buzz, it is your string height that is the issue, you probably don't need a new bridge.
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Go for a Tone Pros Tune-o-Matic or if you really want to spend money the Pigtail one.
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Quote by NakedInTheRain
...on my Epiphone because it rattles like hell, and I really do not like the idea of the retainer wire. Seems like a flimsy and crappy design to me. Any recommendations on what to look into?

As a general rule I'd take it to a guitar store and get it looked at first unless you really know your ****. At least then you can say for sure it's not just badly set up. If they can't fix it then go nuts?
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It's the saddle screws that are loose in the bridge, and are rattling when I strum/pick. It is set up properly. There is no string buzz issue.


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I'm planning on putting a schaller roller bridge on my SG,but that's because I'll be getting a bigsby soon.Schaller probably makes a non roller TOM,have a look into that.Tone-pros also have a pretty decent TOM.
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i have the same problem with my G-400. on top of that it has a heavy duty trem tearing it apart even more. i've been meaning to replace it for quite some time i have had to live with flat intonation on that guitar for god knows how long to stop the saddles being torn out of the assey..
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Thanks for the thought, but probably a little more than I want to spend. Would something like this be any good?