Ok, so I have an OLD optimus keyboard that I don't use much. It has a simple sustain pedal with it
Anything I could do to make it useful for guitar?
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You could make it to turn on another pedal, or as a kill switch. The keyboard has a built in circuit and doesn't rely on physical energy to create sustain.

Any idea how to make it a killswitch ohspyro?
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Any idea how to make it a killswitch ohspyro?

i just tried out a few ideas. i plugged my sustain pedal into a few guitar pedals, and it wouldn't work as any kind of expression pedal. however, i plugged it into the footswitch jack of my two-channel JCM800, set the clean channel volume to 0, and the lead channel to 10 (i have an atenuator haha), and it worked as a killswitch. it selected the lead channel whenever i stepped on the pedal, and the clean channel (which was at 0) when i stepped off the pedal. it sounded really good actually
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