I heard this song on the 360 a while back, fell in love with it... I learned to play it in 2 hours flat. Then, when I listened to the mp3 version I was like... WTF??!? the mp3 version is way different... No solo, different chorus...

So what I want to know is which is the preferred version? the mp3 version or the music video version? Also is there a way I can get my hands on the correct (by correct I mean the music video one...) mp3 version?
Just download a longer version of it, usually the music video ones are shorter.
The music video one is the official one. it's on there CD and whatnot. The mp3 you have is probably an EP or some other version.
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They re-released the album with the shorter, cruddy version, look at www.tehorng.com for it they have a bunch of Christian Rock stuff and they have Flyleaf's album just try to find the original version.
it took you 2 hours to learn it!?

oh and my band played this last saturday at a tailgate party it is a great song.
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