it would be great if anyone listended to my first song ever made... tell me what you think.. just go to my profile, thanks!
cool riffs.

cant really say much more. if you can program some drums and layer more guitars on top of each other then you'll have a much better song. this just sounds like you recording yourself playing guitar...wouldn't really consider it a "song"
i have a drum set, and i porbably add more layers tomorow.. i was just to lazy to the rest today... cuz i started to work on more songs
First of all I'm going to tell you to turn up your mids, even if its just a little bit, I cant stress how important mids are to your tone. Mids lets your sound be heard, instead of thin and unheard.

Anyway, I though the progression was awesome, very well planned out, but boring, and slow, I would add another guitar in there to play like a lead harmonizer to spice things up a bit. And some drums to make it more interseting. The clean to distorted guitar was a bit rough, but I'm sure you can fix that rather quick. And it needs to be turned up in the mix, it was a very quiet song. Good job though, ,keep em comeing.