I looked in the reviews and did a search and found nothing...

Does anyone have any input on this guitar? It was in my local music store, and I played it, and I liked, but the thing is, whenever I see something cheap, I think it's cheap quality. It's only $259.99 or so, and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with it before I jump on it.
apparently it's the all laminate lowest end of the regent series.

here it is a bit cheaper

i doubt i'd buy a laminate guitar for that much when you can get solid tops for the same price, but if you like it, that should always be the bottom line. question - have you played some $2000 guitars and played it right after? some lower end guitars still sound and feel good after doing that, others don't. my seagull still sounded and felt good after playing a taylor gc8 - not as good, but still not bad. to me, that's a good test.