Well guys....as the title states, I'm about to go insane from Barre Chords.

Whenever I position my index finger one way...usually it's the high E and B strings that get muted, when I re-arrange my barre-ing (how the hell you spell that?) it's the G or D strings.....I can't seem to get a grip on how to get everything to clear through.

Whenever I just barre them all, they usually come clean. But when I lay my other fingers down on the other notes to complete the chord, the other strings get screwed up (I checked, my other fingers aren't touching the other strings, not even a hair)

I'm currently working with the chords are Gm, Fsus4, Cm, F, B, and Dm if that helps.

Could it be the way my guitar is set up?

Any other help/suggestions would be great guys.
when you do barre chords, you can't just hold the strings down with your index the same way, try bending your wrist so you are putting more weight on the index finger and less on the other notes. Hope this helps
You should also try putting your thumb further towards the middle of the neck, or in the "classical position" It makes barring and big stretches a lot easier.
Barre chords are a pig to start with - I think they catch everybody out. Just keep practicing and you'll get them. There will be an angle your finger will barre all the strings ok at - you may find you're moving your barring finger when you use your other fingers too. I always have my barring finger slightly on its side, and if I need to fret the low e string as part of the barre its slightly bent at the end knuckle too. That way to switch from E shaped to A shaped barres I just straighten that finger to mute the low E string.