The first stanza is spoken, preferably by a female.

for you my dearest friend.
its in your best interest to despise me for what i am.
just know i still love you.
or at the very least--
i love you in what little ways i can.
me leaving is only for you.
and im sorry i keep doing this, but it explains everything--
why would you want to be with someone who doesnt feel humanity?
someone who lost themselves in the day?
ssomeone like me, such a monster...
im not worth your time.
be upset, so you can see whats good for you.

We had a thing
And it fell apart
But I still love you
In my heart

You know I'll always
Feel this way
So many things
That I wanna say

I want you
I need you
You're so close
yet so far away

First its yes
Then its no
You need more time
Let's take it slow

I'll give you all
The time you need
But don't tease me
Is all I plead


Your blonde hair
And your green eyes
All yet none do I despise

You know I love you
You know I care
And when you're ready
I'll be here


My sorrow will fade
And my tears will dry
But for now I'm crying
And I don't know why

I tell you that
I feel OK
But I'm not close
To feelin' that way

Chorus x2