hey everyone yes i know a drummer on ultimate guitar haha but anyway im 16 and im looking for a serious band located in suffolk county long island. i have an 8 piece drumset with 8 mostly zildjian zxt cymbals. im looking for something along the lines of disturbed, a hard rock feel but its very melodic. i am however willing to play something diferent as long as i think the music is good. hope to hear from someone. email me at vinnyhenaghan@yahoo.com to get in touch with me.
yeah i think so, soon enough i will have a protools program downloaded on my laptop. why do you live far?
sorry dude i dont think an online band will work for me. i live in the united states anyway thats pretty damn far for an online band.

My band is Heaven Down. We are looking for a replacement drummer.
I live in New York. Yonkers, NY and Bronx, NY. I am 15 years old. Band members are ages from 16 - 21. Yes, I'm the youngest. ! You have to take this serious and all of us are experienced.
I am willing to travel to Long Island for practice. If you are interested please PM me or use my contact info in my profile.
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