Is that an ovation guitar I see there? If it is, nice. The song is built well, I liked the lyrics and you do have a good voice, I would reccomend not hitting the strings so hard, I know its easy to get carried away, but if its not loud enough for the mic I would run the guitar through an amp, if possible. good stuff, keep it up.
hey man. right away when i seen the acoustic i was pumped. there's to much metal stuff on here and not enuff of this great stuff. nice simple chords, good strumming pattern. you've got a good voice that stays in tune the whole time. almost reminds me of tom petty. im not a big fan of youre tone, it seems a tad bit airy. good job on vocals no less. nice lyrics too. you almost remind me of myself. good tune, i wouldent know what to do realy to make it better. it is what it is, and its a decent song. good job man. that would go over well in a coffee house setting. keep it up.

nice wolf pic btw, im loving it.

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