My main guitar is a $150 johnson strat that i did a bunch of stuff to, and it is honestly among the top 5 guitars ive ever played. The neck feels amazing, as well as the rest of the guitar. I have several other guitars, and i always come back to the johnson, so ive been looking for more johnson gutiars.

Anyways, I have a chance to buy a johnson telecaster for about $100. while the strat is similar to a fender (maple neck, solid alder body, decent electronics), the telecaster has one major difference that i cant take care of as easily as swapping tuners or pickups. the johnson tele's bridge is top loaded, while the fender is thru body. I know some squiers are this way too. is there any way to take the johnson and drill some holes and make it thru body? Would i be able to buy a fender bridge/bridge pickup plate and drill holes that match up to it?
If you are willing to plug some holes and refinish it, you can make a bridge conversion look great.
Johnson has some hidden gems, I have one of their acoustics that is wonderful.
Don't worry too much about that...my Fender Tele is a top loader and it's just dandy:

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Jeff Buckley's telecaster is top mount also, so i dont see why it is a huge problem
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ive heard you get more sustain if its through the body

That may be true. But i think the difference is probally not even noticeable.