Soaring in the suns shining light
I let loose a storm of shrapnel and a loud boom
I'd never thought I'd ever top the charts
Seeing all these giblets and body parts
Turns my heart to want even more

My father was proud when I signed up
I won't let him down
Never dominated
Always got my revenge
By putting the enemy on the business end
Of my rocket launcher

In an adrenaline rush, nothing could matter less
Than what my health is, What my medic said
Rush in, I'm invincible
Bullets, rockets, damn arrows
I will die a hero

Give them hell, show them the price of a mile
Dodge the fire, come flying up
Rockets coming down, the screams of the enemy
Encourages my team to fight for the win
We put them at the end of oblivion

Everything's over, told to take no prisoners
Pull up our guns, take aim
The enemy runs, hides in the base
Follow them in, nothings keeping us out
Every one of their dying screams

Was a song to my soul


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