you could do it yourself for near nothing.
its proberbly the simplest mod... EVER.
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You deserved this, Matt.
If you were in the US I could do it for cheap. Idk about Canada, though.
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i thought u were talking about the band which i dont like. i was about to say? why put them in ur guitar or w/e?? o.O
it could cost you less that 1$ if you do it yourself.
you could do it in about one minute.
i think ill get some photos for you.

EDIT, photos.

^ for a normaly open switch.

for a normaly closed switch.

also, these photos have been used from THIS SITE.
feel free to look at the other info on the site, its good.

now if that looks hard, then...i pity the foo!
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You deserved this, Matt.
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Looks like something I would do in tech ed back in middle school.... Well I'll hit the shop tomorrow and we will see how this turns out!!
its like a 3 dollar mod dude. no problem. just check the wiring thread.(you would've gotten a response faster and by people that have experience with diagrams, although a killswitch is easy) it should have basic killswitch info, and the sticky of ultimate thread will have a killswitch thread. just do searches before you post up a new thread.
i allready linked to the ultimate KILLSWITCH thread...
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You deserved this, Matt.