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R.I.P. Shaun Hand from Metal Sucks. He leaked this album and now Jake Bannon is going to crush his skull
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back when victory didn't suck

i lol'd
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It's dickcore. Too hardcore for you.
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i lol'd

he is right though
Method of Groove

"Hardcore without punk isn't music, it's a genre of porn.
Punk isn't a genre of music, it’s a thought process."
My band covered a few Snapcase tunes for a Halloween show last month. Thought I'd post the vid here. I don't know why we sped a few of the songs up so much. Adrenaline I guess!

Zombie Prescription
Energy Dome

Such Gold covers Energy Dome live.
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Well you're wrong and stupid and I don't like you.

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You know who's a good troll? Me. Because I'm secretly in love with Pandy.
Recently got into them. Really good stuff.

Shotty you're a ten, I wait for your drunk dials at 2:30 AM