ok so I'm looking for a certain type of guitar. I would really like one with a Humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the neck but I can't seem to find any guitar that has that set up. Does anyone know where I could find one of this type?
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HSS Strat. A lot of different companies make them. My brother has a Peavey Generation, which is an HSS tele/strat mix of some sort. But Fender is probably your best option for an HSS strat.

Unless of course you want a 2-pickup guitar instead of three?
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um well u could get a guitar with coil splitters, than u could switch between any coil combonation
I cant think of any HS guitars off the top of my head, but I know that a ton of Ibanez RGs and Fenders Strats have HSS configurations. Its the same thing just with another single coil inbetween the bridge humbucker and the neck pickup.
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um well u could get a guitar with coil taps, than u could switch between any coil combonation

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Coil split was actually the right term. Coil split is when you make a bucker sound like a single coil, whereas a tap is a reduction of output and gives a more even frequency response curve.
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Coil Tap is using the coil of a pick up, splinting lowers the output.

No, Kura is correct. Coil split is when you use only one coil in a humbucker, hence, "split".
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