Poll: Is Michael Jackson Moonwalking in Heaven
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Yes he is showing god some moves
8 21%
No Heaven Doesnt Exist
4 11%
No He is in hell
7 18%
No His is currently decomposing
6 16%
No He Is Still Alive
11 29%
No He Was Cryogenically Frozen
2 5%
Voters: 38.
Do you think MJ is moonwalking in heaven...or something else? (poll upcoming)
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Silly, he's not in heaven or hell. He's in purgatory with all the little boys.
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No, he's hiding with Elvis.
and billy mays is selling jesus some mighty putty.
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I'm pretty sure touching children in their "special" spots =/= heaven.
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no i think Michael Jackson is moonwalking on the moon.

but over there it's just called "walking".
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