would the distance between 2 humbuckers change the tone of the pickup/guitar. im currently planning a project, and i wuz wondering does the pickup distance matter from one another. THIS IS NOT THE PICKUP HEIGHT. IT IS THE DISTANCE BETWEEN PICKUPS
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Close the pickup to the bridge, the more treble it will have, and closer to the neck, the more bass and less treble.
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Yes, but its highly subjective, people argue about the whole 24th fret node and others say its total BS. But yes, there is a difference in tone.
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the reason pickups are put kinda farther apart than close together is so you can get different tones from them, id say if you put pickups right next to each other, theyd probably sound identical tone wise
Of course it does. Why do you think people use 22 fretters over 24 fretters? The extra two frets push the neck pickup closer to the bridge, making it have more treble, less bass, and less muddy.
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