Were playing a Final Fantasy X (10) Marathon. Were playing until we beat the game, no breaks at all.... as of Midnight (Eastern Time - U.S.) were 12 1/12 hours into the game.

Check out the Live Feed here


---leave feedback and helpful tips in the chat next to the Video Stream

**Please Pardon the bad quality of the video, were using the best devices we could acquire.... although it isn't perfect, its sufficient enough to see what is going on.
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Dude, that's like the longest game I've ever played. I still haven't finished it yet.

Is this for charity?


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were not asking you to sit there and watch for the rest of the game (likely lasting for at least another 24 hours) .... just asking to check it out and possibly share any tips you may have about the game....

Although we would like to play for charity, we would have needed a much bigger event to have been sponsored by a big enough site to advertise us...

However charity is a deffinate possibility in future gaming marathons
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Play a better Final Fantasy.
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