Alright, so I'm pretty much a beginner guitarist. I've been playing for 4 or 5 months now. But, a lot of the music that I play is in all sorts of different tunings, and there's music that I'd like to play that's in tunings to low for my guitar, or are played with seven string guitars.

Is it a good idea for me to get a 7 string guitar with so little experience? If so, is it a pretty easy transition from a 6 string? If not, why?
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no, just stick with 6 string for now and get good at that before you complicate yourself with a 7string. wait at least till 1 year/ year and half experience.

but hell its your money do what you want.
thats just my opinion.
idk man 4-5 months is not very long. id wait a little while and see how much you really enjoy playing guitar before buying more s***, cuz god knows guitars aint cheap.
as far as the transition, i found it easy to make the switch but its easy for some and hard for others idk why
In my opinion it's not to hard for an intermedite player to switch over to a 7, but you say you're a beginner. If you're just beginning i say you probably should sharpen you skills on on the 6 string before switching.

I myself have been playing for 6 years and don't find 7 strings nessesary.
Depends on how good you are at rhythms.
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Would it be better to just get a baritone guitar to play the lower tunings?
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How low of a tuning are you planing on doing? Most tunings can be covered on an average gutiar.
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How low of a tuning are you planing on doing? Most tunings can be covered on an average gutiar.

I'd probably be venturing into Drop A.
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not really man, just buy some bigger strings and drop tune that som' b****. unless, how low are we talkin here? like A standard? any thing lower than b standard and id say maybe it would just be better to get a 7 string
after seeing that you want drop a, a seven string wight actually be benifitial for you.
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Then i supose i wouldn't know to much, i've never really gone beyond Drop C. Although i've heard a guitar can go down a full octave.
If you can play a 6 string, I'm sure you can learn to play a 7 string. Granted it will take practice, but its not really that different. You just have to decide if its worth it: if you use a lot of low dropped tunings or want to increase how complex your rhythm playing is then go for it. I've found it an easy transition to make but it may not be quite so easy for a beginner.

Just play around on your 6 stringer until your a moderately skilled player and then switch over. The knowledge you will have gained by then will probably make it a ton easier. But hey thats just what was easiest for me, do whatever you want.
that football dude is right man, i totally agree as far as making the switch gos. that how it was for me when i got my 7 string
7 strings are great an all but with the little experience you have, i recommend being able to play a 6 string well before playing on a 7, the wider radius may make dampening the strings slightly harder for you.