Whatsup guys?
The name of my band is TYRANTS OF DECEPTION.
We've been playing together as a band for almost 2 years. My biggest influences are Winds of Plague, At the Gates, and The Acacia Strain.
Here's a link for a video of me playing along to our latest track - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlpM2gCQr8Q

If you like what you hear PLEASE check out / add my band on myspace.

That Song Is ****ing Sex<3
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not bad, not my musical interest, but not bad, your singer was pretty good as well, whoever tracked that has some pipes for most modern metal (and also modern core), your technique was pretty good, but i think with the break down esqueprogressions in some parts of the song, this could be misconstrude (Spell check) as deathcore. but it was over all a good song for the genre (that i don't listen to)
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Thanks for the input guys.
When I called it death metal I wasn't trying to stick myself in a certain category...technical deathcore, metalcore, whatever you want to call it. I just thought the death metal label might be nice and general. But thanks for the input. Hopefully we can get **** moving and try to get a label and tour before I'm too old for that ****...