Does anyone know anything about this guitar? I googled it and there wasn't much on it. I'm also on my PSP so going to Ibanez site is a no go. Also, how would it compare to a Jackson DKMGT with EMGs or a ESP MH 401 NT? A quick reply would be nice, I only have a one day to make up my mind.
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I'd go for the Jackson or the ESP over the Ibanez.

Both guitars are gonna be good for metal. Except the ESP is gonna be metal with dual active 81's.

And the DKMGT has the EMG 81/85 combo. I'd go for the Jackson. The Ibanez is basically the same as the Jackson, but $200 more.

Try out the Jackson and the Ibanez...
sure that doesn't have any numbers in it, cause i've never seen an ibanez without
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I think he means the RGT6EXFX...

Saw this in the catalog the other day. Pitty its made in indonesia.

The one I think you're talking about comes with EMG85/81, and is a neck thru.

I am not sure on the quality as I believe its a $900 guitar, but is not branded with the prestige that their MiJ guitars are..
The chameleon finish though I am particularly fond of : )
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From what I can remember, RTG6EXFX is a fixed bridge, neck thru with EMG 81/85

Pretty descent piece there, if you like the ibanez neck, it's a go go! Must be a beast for lower tuning I'd exchange my MH-301 With EMG81 for this one in a blink!

BTW: http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/RGT6EXFX

2009-2010 model is in Mahogany, even better!
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