I started making this one when I was getting into jazz fusion, so I think that influence is... discernible, at least. I still haven't finished it, because I'm actually not sure where to go with it, honestly. I just ran out of ideas. I'm also afraid that the song gets a little repetitive, but that may be because I've listened to it so many times.

I'm not sure if it's an instrumental, either.

Eh, enjoy I guess, hopefully you can give me some ideas.


BTW, at the end there's some random riff, just ignore it. It's just something I come up with and was too lazy to put it in another file...
prog-avant-garde metal.zip
This is so weird, like in the greatest possible way. I liked the beginning, but 27 is where it really picked up, and I love that riff you used, too. It's so awesome. It's almost kind of Dillinger Escape Plan, just not as crazy. It's just very quirky and I love it.

The fretless bass kind of hurts the song in my opinion. It just sounds weird to my ears, I guess. I mean, it sounds really good in some parts, but not throughout the whole song.

I don't really understand 134-141. Is there supposed to be something there? [Edit: Never mind, I just read your original post. Hahaha.]

Overall, I liked the style. Probably a good 8/10.

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Immediately I'm into this, but I dont care for the drum part
Cool lick at 27
I hate the chorused piano part though
Good guitar solo
Bass is very standout too
I know it's avant garde, but this just feels so unorganized i cant get into it
I like the riff at 90
122 is genius. Great jazz
Good keyboard/synth solo at the end

Overall it had some good ideas, but it was just too unorganized for my taste, sorry.

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Intro is long but not drawn out. I actually would suggest adding more complexity to the mix.
Bar 27 and on feels very Opeth-****ed-Dream Theatre, though I usually am mindful to not associate people's music with others. And I love it. When the piano comes in, might I suggest a Rhodes Piano instead? As well as pulling the flute farther down in the mix.
Oh and when the distortion guitar comes in, oh yes. Excellent. Ever heard of Lye By Mistake? They are local friends of mine and are pretty huge, toured Japan and what not. Check them out if you will, you would like them. That part sounds just like them (yet not ripped off. Yet if it WAS Tony wouldn't even care surely. Lol.).
After these segments it gets fairly repetitive until 122, which is great.
See, my "thing" for all of music in general is it needs though. And this has plenty of it.
I will not assign a rating as it is clearly not done. Good work.