Hi everybody,
Dont know if there's already a thread about this, but I wanted a very basic and simple tutorial about all effects and sounds you can get with an electric guitar, because there's so many pedals, effects, synth, and terms like treble, overdub, reverb, filter, feedback, phasing, tone, hamonics, stereo, dynamics, etc...

if there's already a thread about that, can u just give the link and not bash me?

Thanks (and sry for my english)
There are so many different effects you can use for your guitar.
Pedals have effects that you an adjust to your preference. Multi-effects pedals have many different effects and presets that you can use and tweak.

Synth... I can't really help you there.

Bass, mid and treble are your equalizer to make your guitar sound different from anyone else's. They can be adjusted, respectfully. Too much bass will make your guitar sound "far away" and too little bass will make your guitar sound dry and twangy. Mid is in between bass and treble. So basically, you're adding a little bit of both with that. Treble is a shredder's best friend, but too much treble will make your guitar sounds very twangy and articulate. Too little will make it sound muddy.

Overdub... no clue.

Reverb... reverb is this effect that you use to make your guitar sound like its playing in a different environment, like a small room to a symphony hall.

filter.... no clue.

feedback is this staticy sound you get when your amp is turned on really loud or your playing with single coils on an amp without noise gate. Feedback can also be used for the better, by making this really interesting ringing sound when you put your guitar close to your amp.

PhasER is when your guitar's signal is split and the sound becomes a twisting-like sound.

Tone is how your guitar sounds.

Harmonics are these sounds that are made by splitting a soundwave in a certain spot, altering the sound.

Stereo is two different sounds in two speakers.

Dynamics is how loud or soft your playing.

hope i helped.
Thank you very much for enlightening me
What's a compressor and do u use it? Whats a fuzz box? Whats a Moog pedal? And whats the difference between string reverb and normal reverb?