Ok due to lack of money and my new found love im forced to sell this guitar.
Im needing a new laptop to get some fresh new tracks recorded ect.

This guitar is simply AMAZING i love it but i am currently only playing 7 strings right now so i have no use for it anymore. It has only been with me about a month and in that time ive only played it for around 8 hours total.

The trem is set up perfect and the guitar doesnt have a single scratch or blemish on it.
Im willing to let it go for 550+ shipping. Which is fairly cheap considering that they are out of production and are going on ebay for around 850-1000$

If anyone is interested let me know send me a message and we can talk!
Thanks for looking! Pics are also available on request!

Forgot to add that it has a custom fitted team J craft case also in mint condition and also comes with all the case candy, papers/book, extra whammy bar.